Abaddon & Loken – All Done!

Abaddon & Loken – All Done!


” I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hands shall the false Emperor fall”


One (probably the only) advantage of having a sleeping disorder is that once in a while you might actually do something constructive. Today was one of those days. I finished Abaddon so the FW diorama is finished now. I’m happy that I actually got one of the Character Series kits but I still have two more here at home and one on it’s way here and knowing myself.. I just might get more of them depending on what they release.








Now I need to find a smaller project to take on next, before my recent shopping spree turns up. I’m thinking Horus but I think my eyes will bleed if I try him right now. A type of medcation I take makes my eyes get tired faster and having some focusing issues, kinda like an old camera lol.