Horus – Base Done

Horus – Base Done

Last night I decided that my next project would be Horus so after some research I started painting his base. I wanted to give it somewhat of a marble look but it’s something I’ve never tried before which you can tell but still, I’m quite pleased with it. I didn’t want a very colorful base so I used as few as I could plus some weathering pigments. The reason I didn’t want to many colors is that Horus himself is mostly black and gold so I wanted something that was to much contrast, just enough to make it interesting.

I found some good marble tutorials over at tutofig that helped quite a lot. There’s a bit of very muted color used in the tutorial I used, using off-white, flesh, purple, stone and smoke to make a pattern. It worked fairly well but I think I stressed it so I didn’t get as good of an effect as I were hoping for.

Now I’ve spend quite a lot of time painting all the damn golden details on Horus and I’m not close to being done with them. At first glance I thought that Fulgrim had more details then Horus but that was completely wrong and I don’t want to paint gold again.. ever.. or until I have to paint Fulgrim.

And I fixed and rebased my Nurgle Decimator.