For Horus, For Lupercal!

For Horus, For Lupercal!


Praise insomnia for Horus is painted. Spend a big part of last night and this morning painting him and managed to get him done this evening. I thought I would explode from all the gold but I decided he would still look ok even if I skip a layer or two so I dug up my pot of Liquid Gold which is the best gold I’ve ever used. It’s a pain to work with, being alcohol based but it’s worth it. So in the end the gold are made of some really old GW gold (mid 90s), Vallejo Liquid Gold and then a very diluted black wash and then a strong sepia wash, it works alright.

Even with the insane amount of details he did turn of quite fun to paint and skipped over some of the details, both on purpose and accidental.

That’s two Forge World Character Series kits done and I still have Fulgrim waiting here at home and Mortarion on his way. They have 10 released and I kinda want all of them and I think Manus will be the next one to order.


Horus Lupercal
Horus Lupercal


A while back I had an appointment at the dentist to check a wisdom tooth that’s bothering me. After some x-ray magic they realized that it’s actually growing horizontally and there’s either an infection or, if I’m really unlucky a small cyst in front of it. So they send the case to a big hospital, around an hour away from here and I’m going up there in a couple of weeks for some more x-ray magic and some slice and dice in my mouth. I’m not very excited about that.



Forge World Character Series

Forge World Horus

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