OOP Ork Army

OOP Ork Army


My first army when I started playing 40k, back when 2nd Ed was released, was the Orks and back then they had access to a lot of weird, fun and strange equipment and units. My army didn’t survive me moving around and most of it got lost. Around 5-6 years ago I started buying old RT/2nd Ed Orks so I could rebuild my old army. I don’t really remember exactly what was in it but I think that I’ve covered most of it.

I don’t think I’ve used the army more then twice since I started re-building it so it’s more just nostalgia to have it.

I do miss the craziness of the old Orks. Sure, as most things back then, they weren’t balanced at all. One game you could loose before the game actually started and the next game all your gimmicky gadgets made you win the game on round two. It’s been said before, 2nd Ed was terrible game in many ways but I’ve never had as much fun as I did back then.

I jumped army a bit in the beginning, Orks, Chaos and my beloved Harlequin army, that I still have.. sadly sitting in a box collecting dust. Of those armies, the Harlies were the most fun to play, as long as you didn’t face Grots armed with blunderbusses. Those auto-hit overwatch lost me a lot of games. And some day I might even paint them again (not likely).

I still have some more Orks that I might paint up someday and there’s still some units left to take some photos of.