Forge World Fulgrim – Very WiP

Forge World Fulgrim – Very WiP


Time to tackle the third kit I have from the Character Series. I started yesterday with the basic purple and then today, 90 minutes of painting gold and I’m not even done with the first layer on everything. The amount of details are quite amazing, and hard to paint, but it’s going to be good practice as I don’t think I’ve ever painted miniatures as detailed as these before.

Fulgrim was an easy choice for me when I was deciding which characters to buy. I’ve always liked Slaanesh the most of the Chaos Gods both when it come to the background, mostly from the chaos books for RT, and the models, also mostly the older ones. I do have some of the really nice old miniatures but I would like to expand that collection some day, both for my Daemons and the old Chaos Marines. My favorites being the first Noise Marines with Bolter equipped guitars, so weird, but still, just awesome.

Come on, can it get better then this?



And then my photo of Fulgrim:







Forge World Fulgrim

Slaanesh Lexicanum

Fulgrim Lexicanum

Noise Marines