Dental Torture and Loot

Dental Torture and Loot


Yesterday I went to get my stupid wisdom tooth removed. I got to see some of the x-rays they took and it was growing almost right towards the root of the next tooth which obviously is not how it’s supposed to be. And as the local dentist thought, there was a pretty big cyst next to it that they removed as well. It had been growing for quite some time so I’m just glad they found it before it screwed up my jaw. Everything went fine but damn that was not fun and it hurts like hell. It’s going to be up towards 12-18 months before everything is as it’s supposed to be.

I did get some goodies in the mail this week, the gaming related pieces was the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, Mortarion, Forge World’s Combi-Weapons set, a Sons of Horus Reaver Squad and 2 of the SoH Command set so all in all a pretty good mail week.





I’ve started working on getting the KoS put together and it’s an absolute nightmare. More or less all of the small spikes on her needs to get attached and they aren’t big. I started trying to put them all on the right way but I gave that up quite quickly and now I’m just glad if I can get them attached at all.

It’s a pretty good looking model though. I’ve been skeptic about her pose but in the flesh, it’s much better.