Basing Zarakynel Guide – Part 1 – Planing

Basing Zarakynel Guide – Part 1 –Planing

Bringer of Torments, The Souleater, Unholy One, Angel of Despair


I’m about to start making the base for Zarakynel, the Forge World Keeper of Secrets and I decided to make a guide on how I make the bases for my Daemon army.

As the model doesn’t come with a base, there isn’t an official size so you can use whatever size you find works best for the model. Generally I prefer round bases but in this case I’m going to use the big oval base from Games Workshop, I think the size and shape of the miniature will work well on it. For the other big Forge World Greater Daemons I would go with round bases.


This first part will be:

The Planing Phase

.. and the parts that it contains.



Choose a theme that works with the miniature (well duh), but also one that will work well with the color scheme you have painted your miniature in. Take your time with this step because it can really effect the outcome a lot.

It’s good to have a basic idea on what colors that works well together, what contrasting colors are goes with the colors on your miniature. A color wheel can help a lot with this. There are tons of good online ones and if you want a physical one, they are cheap and can be found in all good artist stores.

My army is (still) in the process of being re-based from crappy gray sand to a much better, but not very chaotic, forest theme. The decision for that is simple, forest bases are fun to make and they offer a lot of options on colors.

I took some photos of one extra base I made in the same theme as my army:

Basing Zarakynel

Basing Zarakynel


X Marks the Spot

Before you start gluing stuff to the base start with dry fitting the miniature on the base to see how the size and shape of the miniature looks at different positions and where your basing material will look the best.

During this step I find it very helpful to mark out on the base where the feet of the miniature (or any other parts that will have contact with the base) will be placed. Mark it with a marker or paint an X.

Here I’ve marked the spots where the feet of my model will be placed so I can plan the scenery and layout accordingly.

Basing Zarakynel



I also like to make one or more sketches of how I want the base to look. I only do that on bigger miniatures or non gaming miniatures that I paint. I’m absolutely awful at drawing so don’t laugh to much 🙂

Basing Zarakynel


The Gathering

By now you should have an idea on how you want your base to look like so start collecting the material you need. Most of the things can be found at good gaming stores or other similar stores. I’m also going to use some homemade materials, some kind of moss that I preserved with glycerin, some microwaved and cleaned up normal dirt and a homemade forest scatter mix mostly based on green tea. If you don’t want to use real dirt you can dry and microwave used coffee grounds.

For my base I’m going to use:

  • The Base
  • Cork
  • Homemade forest scatter mix
  • Some sand and gravel
  • Pieces of branches for the fallen tree
  • Foliage in different colors
  • Lichen in different colors
  • Grass Tufts
  • Leafs
  • Tools
  • Paint
  • Plants from the garden that I preserved with glycerin
  • Dirt that’s microwaved and cleaned up
  • Glue

And most likely something that I’ve forgotten.

Basing Zarakynel

Basing Zarakynel





For good inspiration I can really recommend that you check these links out:

Massive Voodoo – One of the best tutorials sites available, their work is amazing

Tutofig – Great site that collects tutorials from the best sites

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CoolMinOrNot – Not my favorite site but there’s a lot of great stuff there