Fighting the Grots

Fighting the Grots


Last Sunday I had a game against a Grot army which was the first time for me. One of my mates down at the club has planned to try it out for a while and with the new Codex it was a done deal.

I as always had my Daemons and I was deciding between two armies. #1 very heavy on MC’s which I thought would work best against a Grot Kan/Tank army and #2 a โ€œhordeโ€ army with a lot of troops but with some FW support (Plague Hulk and Drones). I ended up deciding to bring my โ€œhordeโ€ army. Of course my mate had a Kan/Tank army ๐Ÿ™‚

I always thought that a more or less all Grot army would be more of a gimmick then something that actually could work. I was wrong. It wasn’t the best army in the world but it worked much, much better then I thought. Plus it was very fun to play against.

It ended 15-14 to me but it could really have gone either way.



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Incoming Apocalypse

โ€œI sat in the dark and thought: Thereโ€™s no big apocalypse. Just an endless procession of little ones.โ€
? Neil Gaiman, Signal to Noise
On September 20th we’re having a 20k points per side Apocalypse game planned which should be fun. We haven’t played one in quite some time and it’s been hard to find dates when everyone is free and so on. Besides my Daemons I’ll also bring with me my small Sons of Horus army, without Named characters. In total around 8k.