Mortarion WiP Part 4

Mortarion WiP Part 4


I’ve got some time to paint today, continuing with Mortarion, this time with a bit of weathering. It’s far from done, trying to build it up slowly.

This weekend should be fun with out big Apocalypse game on Saturday so expect a lot of photos, well if I can remember take some that is.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been in contact with a guy working at GW over in the UK. They are checking around to see where there’s people playing their games and if there’s toy stores etc close by that could possibly be interested in having a shelf or two with GW boxes.

First of, back when I just started we actually had a gaming store, which is pretty impressive considering there’s only ~4500 inhabitants (nowadays, probably less back then). After that we haven’t had much luck. There’s one toy store that sold some GW things for a while but stopped.

So I’m really hoping that they will start selling again. It would be a great way to get some new members for the club and be able to have some painting groups at the store and demoing the games.