The Apocalypse Came Early – Pic Heavy

The Apocalypse Came Early – Pic Heavy


So yesterday 6 of us from the club played a ~20k/side Apocalypse game. We met up at 10am and got started just before 11am. On my side we had a Ork player, one Necron and me with Daemons and Sons of Horus. The other side had an Ultra Marine player, one Blood Angels and one Guard.

We had planed out an attacker/defender scenario with my side as the attacker. We got the first round and didn’t do that much. Some of their defense line and bunkers got shot out and some small units here and there but not as much as we hoped for.

The defenders started of much better and killed one Stompa and quite a lot of other Ork units. As the game progressed we started to pick up some vital points and while the second Stompa also got killed a bit later in the game we managed to take out 3 Knights and made some needed advances.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. We lost by one point after the last round. It was a fun game though and I hope we can play another one not to far into the future.

We had one thing happen which hasn’t in our previous games, Vortex related disasters. We had two of the in the last two rounds and had to remove 3 tiles from the gaming board, two of them on our side and with that two objectives that we really needed.


Small Rant

During the planing of this game we talked a bit about how to merge the Apocalypse rules with the latest 40k rules and for the most parts we just used the 40k rules. There’s one thing that really doesn’t scale well at large games (I don’t think it works that well in normal 40k either), the psychic phase. We decided to put a maximum number of warp charges you could have and it helped a bit but with how the rules are it was still far from good.

We talked a bit about that yesterday during the game and one of my team mates suggested a system more like how it works in Fantasy and I think it could work quite well and not as one-sided as it is now. I like the idea of having a dedicated Psychic Phase but make there should be some way to change it so that the defensive player has the possibility to effect the outcome.

Small Rant Over


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