Spaceship Games, What’s Out There?

Spaceship Games, What’s Out There?


The last week or so I’ve been doing some research on spaceship games. It’s a type of game that I miss playing. While I never had my own fleet, I’ve played Battlefleet Gothic quite the number of times. The game I have the most experience with is without a doubt A Call To Arms (ACTA) before they (Mongoose) killed it.

ACTA was a fun game with terrible game balance and it was very easy to abuse the fleet building rules. But it was a very fun game and with the added bonus that it was set in the Babylon 5 universe, which is one of the most underrated Sci-fi shows.


But enough of that..


It seems that spaceship games isn’t a very popular genre with only one high profile game (that I could find), Spartan Games Firestorm Armada. While I haven’t played it (I have played Uncharted and Dystopian) I doubt it’s something for me. The models are beautiful and I want them all but I just can’t force myself to like their rules.

After that I went on searching and found five games that sounded like they had potential, Starmada, Full Thrust, Pax Stellarum, Imperium Chronicles – Fleets at War and a generic re-write of Babylon 5 Wars. I’ve heard about Starmada and FT before but the rest were new to me. I quickly removed Starmada from the list as I don’t want the boardgame styled movement on a hex map.

FT sounds quite interesting and has a fan made expansion called Cross Dimension that seems good. One big bonus point is that both FT, CD and B5W are completely free. Fleets at War is quite inexpensive over at so I’m going to pick up the bundle they have.

The last one I found, Pax Stellarum is a home made set of rules that, from the description sounds very interesting and this game is also free.

So.. now I just need to get started reading my way through these games, I’ve got all of them besides Fleets at War on my tablet and reading will start later tonight.




Pax Stellarum

Fleets at War 

Babylon 5 Wars (Generic rules)


Full Thrust