Mortarion = Finished

Mortarion = Finished


Last night I put the finishing touches on Mortarion, painting and adding the last bits. He came out quite well I think, not completely happy with his face but I’ve always had a hard time with skin in general. It’s slowly getting better but I need to practice more on it.

Now I just need to remember to order the display plinth for him and the engraved plaque. I haven’t decided on what to get engraved on the plaque, I need to find a good short quote that fits with the decay/Nurgle theme.

The model itself was very nice, as all the Forge World Character Series miniatures I have and have seen, very high quality.

I got some great feedback on the wip photos I’ve posted on Twitter which was very appreciated.


Mortarion Finished



Next up on the table, Zarakynel.




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