Zarakynel WiP – Part 3

Zarakynel WiP – Part 3


I started painting the metallic parts last night after reading up on different ways to paint gold then the one I normally use. Among other things I tried using a yellow glaze. I’m a bit sceptical right now, it looks to yellow evenh though I used a very diluted glaze. I’m going to try to reduce the yellow a bit with another sepia glaze.

After I finish the metal parts I just have some details and cleaning up left on the main body and after that her Freddy Krueger hand and finally her dreadlocks. After that it’s just the base left.

I still think that I’ll have her finished this week.



  • Great progress! I think the gold looks good, but that’s definitely an in person decision. Sometimes hard to tell in photos!

  • Thank you, I toned it down a notch before I took the photos and I’m pretty pleased how it looks now.