Zarakynel review

Zarakynel review


I’ve been curious about Forge World’s greater daemons for a long time and in particular the Slaanesh one. I finally got around to get her a while back and this is my small review (which I probably should have done before starting to painting her). Right now I have around a day of work to finish her.


From Forge World


Initial Thoughts

This is a beautiful model. I think it really captures the essence of Slaanesh, beauty and horror together as one. It follows the design of the Daemonettes that GW had back then, focusing a bit more on the beauty then the horror aspect. It worked great on the Daemonettes (damn you GW for replacing them) and I think it works just as well with Zarakynel. Daniel Cockersell really shows that he’s a very talented artist with a good eye for details.



All of this comes with a price, it’s a pain to put together.

I’m not a beginner working with resin, nor am I a pro, I’m in the middle somewhere and this model frustrated me like no other model ever has.

The arms was straightforward and it was just my lack of talent for working with green stuff that messed it up.

And then we have the spikes.. All the dawn spikes. Almost all the spikes on her aren’t attached so you get to do that yourself. There’s a couple of different spikes depending on where they should go and also in a certain direction. I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with a model before.

It didn’t take long before I gave up on putting them in the right direction so I just finished 75% of her leg and decided that I’d like to keep whatever small piece of sanity I still have left in the ol’ noggin. So I filled the holes in the back of her leg as well as I could and left the markings on her armoured breast shield.

The dreadlocks also comes loose and straight so you have to spend a little time shaping them with hot water but it’s not very complicated imo. I made a small contraption using a piece of wood and a bunch of nails that I put them in after heating them so they would retain their shape and then wash them with cold water.



As for the rules, she’s pretty good but quite expensive even if she’s the cheapest one. I probably won’t use her outside of Apocalypse. I’ve tried her out once and the two things that stood out. 1) Her ability to heal herself, and actually go above her starting Wound value. 2) It’s not a unique for her but the Stomp rule can be brutal. In the game I were I tried her out I more or less won thanks to her stomping her way through a mass of Orks.


Closing Thoughts

I can definitely recommend this model, it looks great with it’s mix of Terror and beauty. She kinda looks like a 80s post-punk fan, she just have to change the dreadlocks for some big black teased hair and listening to Sister’s of Mercy. Hmm besides the hair that sounds like me^^.



4 (out of 5)

She’s very well made but it could be a bit more detailed. Having worked with the new FW Characters, she feels a bit under-detailed. And as I said above, very tricky to build.

So all in all, great looking miniature that I’m happy to have in my collection.



Zarakynel @ Forge World