Basing Zarakynel Guide – Part 2 – Basing

Basing Zarakynel Guide – Part 2 – Basing


Part 1 can be found here.

The first thing I did was gluing down the cork onto the base and then put a medium thick layer of glue on the base and dipped in a container of sand. Now is also a good time to add some smaller rocks and gravel to the base.

(I didn’t remember to actually take a photo of the step above, but it’s just a base with sand so nothing really important.)

After the glue has dried, remove the excess sand by tapping the base over a container (so you don’t get sand everywhere).

The next thing I put on the base is my home made forest scatter, so put another layer of glue on the base and dip the base in the scatter material. Let it dry and get rid of the excess the same way as with the sand.





When the glue is dry (it’s important) it’s time to start putting some paint on it. I’m going to use a black base to start with. Don’t use your expensive GW, Vallejo, P3 etc paint for this. Get some cheap school acrylics or something like that. I use the cheapest one I could find locally. I use that for bases and terrain, for miniatures you should use a real primer.

Naturally you can use spray paint for this, I just prefer to prime most of my things by hand some some strange reason.

Make sure you get the paint in all the small holes in the cork. It can be a bit hard sometimes but it looks much better if you can’t see the natural cork when it’s all painted up.

Then it’s time for some more waiting for the paint to dry. Good time to put on some coffee 🙂

When everything is dry it’s time to get some painting done.

I start with the rocky parts using this recipe:


1. Flat Earth (VMC) 1:2 Uniform Grey (AP)
2. +1 Uniform Grey (AP)
3. +1 Green Grey (VMC)
4. +1 White (VMC)

And then the ground:

Ground Work

1. Flat Earth (VMC)
2. +1 Olive Green (VMC)
3. Pure Olive Green (VMC)
4. +1 White (VMC)

And then it should look something like this:





After that it’s just adding the miniature and detail with what basing materials you want, lichen, foliage, grass, leafs etc. I used a mix of everything. You can use more or less any type of glue for this but my favourite is Woodland Scenics tacky glue.

This isn’t a super detailed base by any means but it’s quick and it work well for how I want my army to look.

And here is the final result