Games That Have Influenced Me – Part 1 – RPGs

Games That Have Influenced Me – Part 1 – RPGs


The other day I started thinking back on all the different games I’ve played over all these years and wondered why some stuck with me and why some didn’t. It’s quite interesting to see which games has had the biggest influence on me and my gaming habits.

During all these years I’ve played games from all the different genres and still do in must of them.

I’m going to divide the games into genres and write a bit about the games that has been important to me.



RPGs in general has had a big impact on me and was the gateway games into the other parts of our hobby. I don’t play it very often now days which is a shame but it’s hard to get a group together and there isn’t that much interest in my favourite genre, horror and I’m a terrible GM so that’s not a very good option.


Drakar & Demoner (Dragons and Demons)


The first “real” game I played and have played a lot. I don’t play it now but it has had a big impact on my gaming life. It’s more or less a Swedish version on DnD or it was like that, the later versions have moved away from it. The game system has for the most part been.. well not the best. It shows it’s age quite well and it’s been very open to abuse but still, it has it’s charm.





I haven’t play Mutant as much as D&D so the rules hasn’t influenced me that much, but one of their settings has. It started as a goofy after the disaster and then some gritty Sci fi, then on to Mutant Chronicles that some of you know about both from the movie and the re-release of the miniature game set in that world, Warzone, and then back to goofy after the disaster. It’s the first and last settings I feel has influenced me.

It’s set in Sweden which is a nice touch and there’s everything from mutated humanoid animals to robots and the world is quite primitive and humorous. The latest version will be published in English and I can highly recommend it.






Kult is my all time favorite RPG. It’s a twisted horror game that “borrowed” a lot from the writings of Clive Barker and gave it their own twists. It’s set in a very depressing modern time where (the corrupt and evil) Demiurg has disappeared and his “arch angels” are fighting for control of the world. While this is going on, humanity is made passive by living in a illusion that is our world. The real world is a gritty, dark, perverted metropolis where the dark powers live.

After the Demiurg disappeared this illusion is starting to disappear in areas with a lot of negative energy and through that we can see and experience the true world. Another thing that is heavily featured is insanity, both of the world but also that of people.

I would say that there’s 3 ways you can play this game (there’s probably more ways then that), 1) as a action game, trying to blast your way through metropolis. 2) as a investigation based game more like Call of Cthulhu. 3) as creeping psychological horror. My favorite is definitely #3 and preferably as scenarios instead of a campaign.

One of my all time favorite RPG scenario I’ve played was a Kult scenario were we played kids, around 10-12 years old trying to figure out what was happening as the apartment building we lived in slowly were dragged through the illusion into the real world. Unfortunately it’s a a game that requires a very talented gm and a group that functions well together and have some experience, for it to really shine. It’s also a game that you shouldn’t play at a young age as it is a really dark, twisted and perverted world. There was a English version made and if you like horror this is a sure buy.

During it’s time it got a lot heat from the media with them trying to conect it to a violent murder and being branded as a toll to teach young kids devil worship and all that.





This is a game that I’ve only played on and off for a year but is my favorite fantasy game. It had some original ideas and a good rule set. The world has the normal humans, elves and dwarfs but the elves and dwarfs are quite uncommon and the dwarfs are mostly slaves to the humans. The humans are somewhat like the extreme Catholic Church during the inquisitor times.

The one thing that made me take a like to the world was that there aren’t any Orks or Undead in that sense, there’s not an all evil race. Instead its corrupted people from the normal races and it’s usually not the classic fantasy villains that wants to take over the world but more for personal gain. During the game you keep track on how corrupt you are and if you have a high or low corruption you can perform some special gifts, for example if you aren’t corrupt at a higher level you can “summon” a stigmata and other things.

There are some demonic creatures and things like that but we never played that much with them. It was made by Cell Entertainment and they did publish an English version as well.



Drakar och Demoner 





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