Games That Have Influenced Me – Part 2 – Miniature Games

Games That Have Influenced Me – Part 2 – Miniature Games



Part 1, RPGs can be found here

A while back I started thinking back on all the different games I’ve played over all these years and wondered why some stuck with me and why some didn’t. It’s quite interesting to see which games has had the biggest influence on me and my gaming habits.

During all these years I’ve played games from all the different genres and still do in must of them.

I’m going to divide the games into genres and write a bit about the games that has been important to me.



Miniature Games

Miniature games were the second type of game I tried, only RPGs came before, and it has since then been the biggest genre for me. I started back in -93 or 94 (can’t remember exactly when) and have been playing since. I’ve had some periods were I didn’t play that much but I’ve always been building and painting.

It’s tricky to come up with what games that have influenced me in this genre, I’ve tried more games then I can remember but compared to the top two games in my list, none of them comes to the same level as those.

Also, my interests when it come to miniature games have changed. Before I was reading everything I could about it, be it articles, forums, blogs etc. I still read quite a bit but the best thing about it, as of now, is painting and progressing as a painter.





It was my first miniature game and I still play it and have somewhat a love/hate relationship with it. I started playing about when the 2nd edition came out and while that edition wasn’t perfect, I still consider it to be the most fun edition (and game for that matter) I’ve played.

Editions comes and goes but in general I think that since the 3rd edition, things, in my opinion has gotten a lot better with each edition. They haven’t been perfect in any way but it works very well as a beer and pretzel game and just to roll some dice with good friends and that’s what I want in a game.

Say what you want about GW and their decisions but they have created the (by a large marginal) biggest miniature games out there and have done a lot for this hobby.





I didn’t discover Epic as early as I would like to have now days. I tried Space Marine a couple of times when that was the current version and sporadic tried them up to the end of Epic 40k and it was around there I started realizing that it was a very fun game and that I really liked the scale.

I didn’t start playing for real until Epic Armageddon and while I don’t play it often at all I still love it. It has, according to me, the best rule set that GW has ever made only challenged only by BFG and Warmaster.

The rules are something I would like to be incorporated into normal 40k (in general terms) and It’s such a shame GW dropped the game but it has a great and strong online community.



Bolt Action


I haven’t been playing BA for very long and the game in it self hasn’t influenced me that much but the simplicity has. It feels like it’s in this direction 40k should move. It has quite some similarities between thing and older editions of 40k and has a much more modern approach then most of the big miniature games.



Honorable Mentions

There’s so many games that I’ve tried over the ~20 years I’ve been gaming and to be honest, a lot of them haven’t been very good or not for my taste. I’ve tried everything for the old Specialist Games, a weird Swedish game called Apokalypse to convention games and games we’ve made ourselves.

The top 2 Honorable Mentions:
Secrets of the Third Reich, it’s a pretty bad game in many ways but at the same time, really fun to play (don’t ask me how that works).
Apokalypse, one of, if not the first Swedish miniature game and without a doubt the most violent and twisted rule book I’ve seen.



Games Workshop

Bolt Action