Club Tournament Report

Club Tournament Report


So on Sunday we had our club 40k tournament for this year. We’re a pretty small club but we had 8 players, which was a good number as we can’t really fit more then 4 tables at the place we rent. We had a good mix between old timers, kinda old timers and newcomers which was fun.

When planing the whole thing we decided to go with 1500pts to speed it up a bit.

We played a 3 round swiss tournament with an added final game between the two top players.
The first game was objectives, the second was kill points and the third was objectives.


The first game for me was against a CSM army with a mix between Khorn and some Nurgle. The game was very even and it was more or less down to a single dice, I lucked out and won by 1pt but it could really have gone either way.


The second game was against another CSM army, this one was pure Nurgle with two Rhinos with Plague Marines, a Landraider with some Terminators, some Cultists and probably something I don’t remember. The first couple of turns went really fast as nothing really happened on either side. It changed with the second half of the game and I managed to take out a good chunk of his army and secured a victory there as well.


The third game was against a Dark Angel shooting army with a bunch of Thunder Hammer Terminators. Between all the armies this was the one I had the most problem with. Fortunately I rolled dice like never before, I got a good victory there and ended up with the most point in total and got to played the final game.


The final game was also against the Dark Angel player and this time I rolled pretty average and got my butt handed to me. It was a decisive victory for the DA, completely out played me. Good and fun game though.


This was the first time I’ve organized a tournament and in general it went well but there’s definitely some parts that needs improvement.

I think it would have been better to add a fourth round and remove the final game.