Zwëothel WIP Part 2

Zwëothel WIP Part 2


I’ve spend quite a lot of time on Zwëothel yesterday and today. I think I have the skin more or less finished. I might try to add some more contrast later when I see how it all comes together.

It took quite some time to actually make a decision on what colors to use on her “clothing” and I tried out a bunch of alternatives on some plastic bases and finally settled on a pink tone with some red shading.

Not that you can see it on the photo but her boots are painted with a black base, and highlighted by mixing Basalt Grey and the old GW Deadly Nightshade, adding more Basalt Grey and water. I also started on the gold parts of the boots with some brown for now.

I think she’s coming along better this time around, probably because I’m trying to take it slow and try the techniques I’ve gotten better at since the last time.