MV’s Bananalicious contest 2

MV’s Bananalicious contest 2






Yesterday they guys over at Massive Voodoo launched their second Bananalicious painting contest. They had one a couple of years ago with some great entries so this one should be good. The start day was yesterday and it ends April 22th 2015 so there’s plenty of time.

This time around I’m going to do my best to get some entries done in as many categories as I can and I’ve started planning out some new projects to include. It’s going to be a fun competition to enter and considering the results of the first one they had, it’s going to be awesome.


There’s a couple of different categories:

  • Fantasy, which is more or less anything besides historical miniatures.
  • Historical, which as the name says, it’s all about the historical miniatures.
  • Diorama
  • Sculpting
  • Army Painting
  • Special: Base

Depending what category, there’s some rules for the entries, for info on it, go to MV’s website. Among other tings some categories require more then one miniature and so on.

I’m going to do my best to enter at least two entries, Fantasy and one I haven’t decided on yet. I’ll be posting progress here when I have something to show.




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