• I really like your base design for this figure. It actually looks like it could be “growing” in response to her stepping forward. I think it really helps to showcase the minature and is very well done.

    Things I would revisit in the future.

    1) Her hair and her loin cloth are almost the same color (or appears to be in the photos). I feel a different tone or shade could have helped here.
    2) The shaft of the spear is relatively uninteresting. I don’t know if the model has texture on the spear, but I find it relatively normal compared to how much work is in that base!

  • Thank you for giving me some good
    constructive criticism, it’s always good to input from someone else.

    I had a hard time on deciding on the
    color of her hair and the loin cloth and color theory is something
    I’m still very new to. Looking back at it I agree with you that it
    would be better to have used another color. If you have any
    suggestions I’m all ears.

    The shaft doesn’t have any texture and
    I just couldn’t come up with a way to make it more interesting so I
    took the easy (and bad) way out I think.

  • I think a fun thing to do for the spear, would be to give it some free hand vine texture (maybe something really subtle, just a few tones off the actual shaft). That would reinforce the sense of wild/movement in the piece.

    As for the loin cloth, I’d suggest the following.

    Take one of your photos into a photo editing software, and make a mask for the loin cloth. Adjust the hue/saturation until you find something you like. I would start with adding some green. Generally when I look for a color to help something, I try to pull from the existing piece.

    Keep in mind these are nit picks. I think you are painting at a very high level, and your work is outstanding.

  • That’s great advice, I’ll have to play around in photoshop a bot tonight. Nit picking can be very good some times to help you improve your game, Thanks for the suggestions!