Painting Journal

Painting Journal


I’ve always been very bad at writing down the different colors and mixes I use when I paint. It hasn’t been a huge problem before when I only painted gaming miniatures but as my interest started to include display miniatures and such it started to become quite a big problem. I started writing them down on Evernote but that didn’t last for very long.

Then a while back I was reading Meg Maple’s lovely blog (see link below) and she had an article about using a painting journal. This sounded like a very good idea and something I wanted to try using as well. Fortunately I managed to find a good sketchbook with good paper and got started.

Now I stop after each time I change paint mix/rations etc and write them down and paint a small patch so I have some visual indicator on how it’s suppose to look.

This far in, it works quite well and I plan on keep using it, not only as a reminder but also as inspiration as I can quickly check which mixes worked well and also those that didn’t.

Besides this big sketchbook I also have a small Moleskine that I use for sketching basing ideas and plans for dioramas (that I probably never will start) etc.

Now I just wish that I wasn’t terrible at drawing.


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Meg Maple’s lovely blog


  • An idea to go along with the painting journal….
    If you use a wax paper palette, snip off the palette when you are done your project, and attach to the page with the notes. That way you’ll have an actual perfect record of the colors.

    I tend to use my blog for my painting journal. I make sure to snap a photo of the paint pots I’m using when I post updates. It’s as much for the viewers as my own record!

  • Not a bad idea, I just might try that out.