Unbox: Lilith by Nocturna Models

Unbox: Lilith by Nocturna Models


Today I got a very exciting package in the mail from Nocturna Models, a very early Christmas gift that I just couldn’t let sit unopened.




Opening it up I was presented with the cover photo on a small and very nice metal box. I have to say that I’m a sucker for fancy packaging and as a former collector of tin edition movies, a metal box makes me very happy. It just ads that extra and slightly pretentious flare that I just love lol.





In the metal box there’s a card with the painted miniature and between some foam, a couple of zip-lock bags containing the resin parts.

Lilith-unboxed-5 Lilith-unboxed-4



The miniature consists of 5 parts plus a scenic base and two candles for that base. I had two small parts from the wings broken off but they won’t be hard to fix.




The concept and execution of this miniature is brilliant. Comparing it to my collection of miniatures, this one is without a doubt the nicest one in there

The casting is equally good with only a couple of small mold lines, a little bit of flash on the wings and no air bubbles. I’m very impressed with the casting on her body, considering how the cloth creases.

When looking at the details, they are just as impressive. Over all it’s quite a minimalistic miniature but with stunning details.

As you might have figured out, I really like this miniature in every way. It’s a pretty expensive miniature but the quality is amazing in my opinion and I can highly recommend it for anyone wanting something beautiful to paint.

I am a bit unsure on how to approach painting her, I hope to be able to do her justice.

  • The cloth folds and drapery look to be both simultaneously wonderful and terrifying to paint :). This is definitely going to be a love/hate model! I love that it came in a metal tin.

  • Yep I’m definitely terrified ūüôā but it’s going to be very interesting to see of I can do her justice.