Gokan, the Guardian WiP – Part 4

Gokan, the Guardian WiP – Part 4


Two more slow days spend painting and watching bad TV. For a couple of days I’ve been considering changing some of the metal parts to leather and I started painting them yesterday and I think it was the right decision. I changed the armor on his left arm that just didn’t make sense to have it as metal. I also changed the upper arm bands to leather.

As this miniature is slowly closing in to being finished, well besides the base, I’m going to put up some notes and what colors I’ve used for the different parts. Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking photos for all the stages but hopefully it can be of interest to someone.




On another note, I think I’ve found another miniature to put on the Christmas list, namely Narok, from Origen Art. It has just the right combination of surrealism and being creepy.


Picture from
Picture from




I went down to the club today and played a game of Bolt Action with a friend which is always fun. I really like the game, sure it has it’s faults but nothing that a house rule of two can’t fix. We were talking about adding in some weird war elements to spice it up a bit as we both enjoy those elements.

It looks like we’re going to have another 40k tournament after Christmas, around the 28th. We’re changing some of the rules from the last one and add some new rules. The fun part is that it was the new players that wanted us to have another one so it seems like they are enjoying the game.

I haven’t decided what army to take for it, I’m thinking of trying out my Sons of Horus but I don’t really have much besides Troops and HQ’s so I’ll probably end up running my Daemons as always.

  • Fantastic work on the skin tones. I love the green emerald style tones for the armor pieces as well. Very interesting looking! Really draws the eye.

  • Thank you, I’m definitely happy with
    how it came out, it looks better together then I thought it would.