Christmas Loot

Christmas Loot


Today was spend down at the club trying to calm down after Christmas plus an old friend was up here for the holidays so he dropped by to talk crap and play some games with us, which is always fun.

Today we played some Smash Up!, Blood Bowl the card game and the second game of Firefly with the latest expansion. This expansion is my favorite this far but I think they should have included more Goals and more Captains but I suspect that they will release those as smaller expansions.

We’ve also planned out most of the 40k tournament we have planned for this coming Sunday. We just need to fine-tune some of the campaign elements we’re including and then I need to decide on what to bring.



I got some good gifts for Christmas this year. Besides the general things I needed (frying pan etc etc) I got a book, from my sister that’s been on my Goodreads list of book I want to read for a while, The Klan Unmasked by Stetson Kennedy, a book about the KKK which will be very interesting to read. I’ve always been interested in such topics, mainly the psychological reasons why people turns to extreme groups like the KKK. I myself are more or less as far from those views as you possibly can be so it’s quite interesting.

Besides that I got some new water color notebooks that will come handy for my painting journal, the Nocturna Lilith (well I got her a while back as an early gift) and also a bit of cash so this evening I’ve been ordering in some supplies I needed and two miniatures (for now).

For this shopping spree I decided to try out two new websites, PK-Pro and Origen Arts. From PK-Pro I got some paint I needed, a good bunch of wooden display cubes in various sizes and a HobbyZone Paint Hanger.

The list from Origen isn’t as long but I’m really looking forward to painting them, it consists of the Faun Woman and their Narok miniature that I’ve mentioned before.

As my Spanish isn’t.. well existing I got some help over email from Origen. I have to give them credit, they got back to me within 12h over Christmas which I really didn’t expect.







Origen Arts

The Klan Unmasked