Tournament and Rumors

Tournament and Rumors


Today we’re been preparing our post-Christmas weirdo 40k tournament, all the tabels are set, Christmas related objectives are done and I finally decided on what army to bring. I’m trying out my Son’s of Horus. This time and considering what I’m bringing, I’m not going to win many games but it’s going to be fun to play something that isn’t Daemons.



I’m usually not the kind of person to start jumping up and down in excitement over some unconfirmed rumors but this time I can’t help myself.

According to BoLS the Harlequins will get their own book soon!!

Harlequins were my main army for quite some time, from 2nd Ed’s Eldar codex to the Citadel Journal one after that and I loved them. Hard as hell to play with but so, so fun and I still have a couple of kilos worth of OOP Harlies.

So now I’m going to get them all out and see exactly what I have.