Sons of Horus Contemptor WiP – Part 1

Sons of Horus Contemptor WiP – Part 1


So now when we’re in the new year and everything I decided to take a small break from painting Gokan. It feel like I’ve stared at him for so long now I can’t really see what needs more attention and what parts are more or less finished. So I got out some of my unpainted Sons of Horus and got started with my second Contemptor,

Unfortunately I started painting on the Horus chaps before I started writing down my painting recipes in detail so it’s a lot of guess work right now. I think I have the basics down but it’s still a bit off but nothing a bit weathering can’t hide.

I’ve got most of the turquoise parts done besides pigments but that will be added as the last step when it’s assembled and based. The next step will be the metal details, which unfortunately will mostly be my dreaded enemy of metal paint, gold.



The last two days I’ve been trying to find another miniature to add to the collection and today I finally decided on Enchantment, made by Nocturna Models. It will be a nice addition to my collection and she also (like Lilith) comes in a metal box. Now I just need to get some more basing supplies as I’m running very low on that.



The Future of My Sons of Horus

Also I’ve made the decision to keep my Sons of Horus and then, when I’m done with what I have, slowly expand it and make it usable with the Chaos Marines book.

I think the next unit to be added will be some terminators, using the Cataphractii kit, that in my opinion looks much better then the normal 40k ones.



Nocturna Models

  • Excited to see what you do with enchantment, it seems to be a very popular sculpt. I love the tones you are doing on the dread. That particular turquoise is stellar!

  • Yea it does seem quite popular at the
    moment, more or less everything Nocturna releases seems to be great
    kits. I’ve only seen Lilith in person but if that’s the quality they
    have for all their casts I completely understand why they sell so