Origen Arts, Faun Woman & Narok – Short Review

Origen Arts, Faun Woman & Narok – Short Review

Today my package from Origen Arts arrive containing some wonderful resin pieces.
(Sorry about the crappy photos, had to use my cellphone)


Faun Woman

Their Faun Woman is a bust roughly 30-35mm tall, 1/16 scale according their website and it consists of only three pieces, the body and two horns.

The artwork they show is also quite nice and a style that I personally find very pleasing.

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I first came in contact with this miniature over at Putty & Paint and fell in love with it. I’ve always been a big fan of surrealism and horror and this one is really a good mix of both.

It’s definitely that reminds me of Clive Barker’s writing mixed with a good amount of Guillermo del Toro’s creature design and general style. And of course both those are highly influenced by Lovecraft and this fit in with his ideas as well.

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Details and Casting

The sculpting is very good and from what I’ve read online, that’s what you should expect by this company. It’s at a very high quality level.

I’ve only gone over the miniatures quickly but there’s not much work needed to clean then up. A small mold line and no flash from what I could see.

One thing that I was happy to see was that they have a great way of mounting Narok on the base he comes with. I was kinda worried considering the lack of normal feet that you can use to pin him with. Instead they have integrated his right leg and a piece of the brick wall that’s on the base. I can see that some people might not like this approach and want to use their own base but I really like this base so I’m going to use it.