Hobbyzone Paint Hanger – Short Review

Hobbyzone Paint Hanger – Short Review


A couple of days ago I got a package from PK-Pro, I haven’t used them before but I’ve only heard good things about them plus they have pretty good prices for most things they stock and now with one complete order I can agree with what I read, no problems at all and fast shipping.

I was in desperate need of some more wooden bases, generally I prefer plinths but I went with cubes this time, and I wanted to get another paint hanger and I’ve had my eyes on the hanger from HobbyZone and they just happened to be stocking their products.

I bought two other paint hangers a while back, which I wasn’t completely happy with, no that they’re a bad product, they just didn’t work well for me. I have to say that the HZ hanger is a really good product, sturdy, and surprisingly small for the amount of bottles it takes. I find it priced well at ~15EUR from PK-Pro.

The instructions were quite simple but easy to follow and the only issue I had was that I (not thinking) put to much force on the connecting point as you can see on the photo and almost broke it off… twice.. yea I was tired and stressed and didn’t think, but I haven’t had any issues with stability so I didn’t break it to bad. You can also see my not so organized painting desk that really needs some upgrading.

Connecting Shelf


So how would I rate this product?

Price: 5/5 – it’s a good price for a quality product.

Quality: 5/5 – it’s very sturdy and it held up well even with my (stupid) mistakes.

Size: 4/5 – It’s not a very big hanger and it holds a good amount of bottles but I wouldn’t complain if it had one or two shelves more.
I can highly recommend it and I will get more of them and phase out my other ones eventually. So a big stamp of approval from me.