Faun Woman WIP – Part 1

Faun Woman WIP – Part 1


The other day I started working on the Faun Woman from Origen Arts that I got a while back. It’s both the first bust and the biggest, when looking at the scale, miniature I’ve worked on this far. So far in I like the bigger miniature even if it comes with some difficulties, or maybe different techniques is a better way to look at it.

Blending her skin has proved both harder and easier in a weird way. There’s more room to work on (to state the obvious) to get better blending but at the same time it’s easier to see the mistakes. But this far in, I like the bigger size so it should be fun painting the two miniatures I have from Nocturna later on.

Here’s the progress this far:



Tomorrow me and two friends are heading over to a town ~40 minutes away to visit a new gaming club. They are hosting a Warzone demo day which should be fun. I tried the first edition of Warzone when it first came out back in -95. The game was originally made by the, at the time, Swedish gaming power house, Target Games and is based on the RPG Mutant Chronicles, which was at a later time also made in to a not-so-great movie.

They also released a fantasy miniature game called Chronopia that I tried as well.

It’s quite fun to see an old Swedish game get a new life through crowd funding