SoH Contemptor – Finished

SoH Contemptor – Finished


I actually finished a miniature, celebrations are in order. One more Contemptor for my Sons of Horus. Quick (well for me at least) and dirty tabletop quality with some oil weathering.

As for other progress, Gokan is more or less done now including his base, photos will be for an other day and the Faun Woman is getting there, I just need to figure out how to make her hair look a bit better.

After thinking about it for quite some time I decided to try out the paint from Scale75 that everyone seem to love. I ordered the black and white set to begin with and, if I like them, I’ll probably get the metal sets. I’m hoping that it will arrive tomorrow as the tracking page says but it’s a home delivery and I’m not home the whole day so I’ll probably miss them.




I’m getting more and more excited about the upcoming Harlequin release. I’ve seen the leaked photos and while I don’t like all the miniatures I think I’ll get one box at least. To prepare for them I’ve started stripping the paint from my old RT/2E Harlequin’s so I’m ready when the rules comes out. I’m dreading painting them though.

The leaked rules looks pretty ok but at this point I’m more curious about the transports they’ll have available. I have 2 Vipers from back when I played my Harlequin’s with the Citadel Journal list and I, for some reason, also have a Dark Eldar Raider tucked away in a box somewhere. I’m also hoping that they will have some units like Wraithlords and even a Wraithknight (only because I want to build and paint one). I do think that the Wraithlords will be in the book but I doubt we’ll get the Knight. I guess I can always ally them with Eldar to get one but we’ll see. I doubt we’ll get to see looted Land Raiders this time around.

They will need some good transport options to work, it would be nice to have some options from both Eldar and Dark Eldar plus the new one that’s rumored to be released for the Harlequins.

I hope we’ll see some more leaks dropping soon, some more rules would be nice and more units. I don’t think I’ve been this impatient about a GW release in a very long time.

  • Just in awe of the greens here. Such a lovely weathered gritty look, while still popping off the model. That isn’t easy to do at all!

  • I think the key part is the oil dot weathering, it’s fast and works really well.