Lilith WIP – Part 1

Lilith WIP – Part 1

So with two of my planned 3-5 miniatures for Bananalicious finished I started on the third today, this time it’s Lilith from Nocturna Models. This is the first 70mm miniature I have worked on so I’m expecting some time just to get used to the size and adapt the way I paint for it. The hardest part this far is her face that I just can’t seem to get as smoth as I want it to be but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I think that I prefers 70mm over 54mm right now and I’m definitely going to get some more in this size.



More Projects

Last week I also gpt started on two other Bananalicious projects, a Diorama and a Base. I’ve build the base for the diorama, painted around 40% of the miniatures and just need to start painting the base and detail it before I try my hands on pouring some clear resin for water.

As for the base, I’m more or less finished building it but I haven’t decided on how to detail it some more and then painting time.


Later this month we’re having an Apocalypse game planned with 8 players at 5000pts each. I’m going to try a “new” list and not just use the same basic Daemon army I always do so this time I’m using my Sons of Horus as Chaos Space Marines and I might even toss in some Imperial Guard Astra Militarum to get some more basic troop choices.

  • The drapery on this model. Wow….wow wow wow. This is going to be another Nils beaut!

  • I really hope I can pull it of, it’s quite an intimidating model to paint 🙂