Codex: Harlequin’s – Review Part 1

Codex: Harlequin’s – Review Part 1

So the Codex has been released and the last miniatures are up for pre-order. After a small discussion with myself I bought the ebook version instead of the book. I’ve mostly been reading the rules so I don’t really have anything to say about the fluff.

I’m dividing this review in two parts, starting with Rules, Equipment and psychic powers, the second part will have the units.


The army got their own FOC, as most of you probably know from the rumors. It’s quite different from the normal one, having a lot of restrictions and only offers different units in the Elite slots. There’s still quite a lot of individual choices to be made with weapon options etc for the units even if you don’t have many choices when it comes to what units you’ll have.

As with the other FOC’s in 40k they get some benefits from using it instead of an Unbound army. They get two Command Benefits with one being a bonus if you choose to roll on one of their own Warlord Traits tables and the other one (which is damn good) allows them to, after a set number of turns, run and charge in the same turn which is pretty damn good.


Enigmas of the Black Library

In line with most (all?) of the new codexes the Harlequin’s got a selection of “Relics”. As expected you can only have one of each in your army. There’s also restrictions on what models can have them.

  • The Storied Sword, More or less a power sword that gives the user +1S and Master-crafted. Tied for the most expensive Enigma and even if the +1S is very good I have a hard time seeing it being worth the points. Troupe Master only.
  • Crescendo, A special Shuriken pistol that gives the user the ability to shoot a number of times equal to it’s Attack value. It’s the cheapest Enigma and while the stats for it aren’t super I think it’s something I’ll include based on the price. Troupe Master and Shadowseer only.
  • The Mask of Secrets, This one I really like. It gives the user Fearless and all enemy models within 12” a Ld penalty. The cost is right in the middle. This is something I will include in every Harlequin list. Shadowseer Only.
  • Cegorach’s Rose, A Master-crafted Harlequin’s Kiss with Shred. Point cost is in the middle. Troupe Master and Solitaire only.
  • Starmist Raiment, The other most expensive Enigma. It grants the user a better Invul save if he/she runs in the shooting phase. Any Character can have it.
  • The Laughing God’s Eye, The second most expensive Enigma. It gives the user and all friendly units within 12” Adamantium Will. Any Character can have it.

I’m not going to list all the weapons and equipment but a small list of the unique ones.

Weapons of the Masque


  • Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher, a fun weapon that causes Pinning tests. Definitely a weapon I will include.
  • Haywire Cannon, one of the few ranged AT options available to the army.
  • Neuro Disruptor, Not as good and fun as it used to be, loosing the template but it’s at least AP2.
  • Prismatic Cannon, A very versatile heavy weapon with three different modes, one large blast, one small and one Lance.
  • Star Bolas, a one use, low AP blast weapon that on paper seem good to me.
  • Shrieker Cannon, if a model dies from it, the model explodes with a blast. Fun weapon but I’m not sure how good it is.

Close Combat

  • Harlequin’s Embrace, Gives the model D3 Hammer of Wrath and at a higher Strength.
  • Harlequin’s Kiss, one of the model’s attacks has higher strength and lower AP, if you roll a 6 toound with that attack it also has Instant Death.
  • Miststave, A +2S “club” with Concussive and Fleshbane. I’m not sure if this is a good weapon or not, I’m leaning towards good even if it lacks AP.
  • Zephyrglaive, a good weapon that gets better S and AP the turn the user charges.

Wargear of the Masque

  • Flip Belt, more or less ignores difficult terrain and gets a bonus to Look Out Sir rolls.
  • Skyweaver Jetbike, gives an Armour Save and Shuriken Cannon.
  • Mirage Launcher, One time use, instead of Jink the unit gains a 4+ invul save against shooting.
  • Holo-fields, a vehicle with it has a 5+ invul save as long as it’s not immobilised.
  • Holo-suite, grants the model a 5+ invul save.


Warlord Traits

Depending on what character you have chosen to be the Warlord you have a choice between a bunch of different tables to roll on and if you get to roll D6 or D3.

The Codex includes three different Harlequin tables, Light, Twilight and Dark. There’s a good variety between the tables and in my opinion they have the best traits in 40k this far.

My favorite ones gives the player some very good abilities to influence when and how the game will end and can even gives the Warlord and it’s unit the option of making an extra move after the game has ended.


Look at that, the Harlequin’s got their own discipline and on paper, I think it looks good.

The primaris power is more or less like the old Veil, that you have to roll to see if you can see them. I was expecting the primaris to be something like this and I’m very happy with it.

  • Dance of Shadows, gives Stealth and Shrouded to a unit.
  • Peal of Discord, a Nova power with Concussive which will fit in against armies with high Ld so the Harlequin’s gets to swing first.
  • Shards of Light, a Witchfire power that causes Blind. Not the best power but it offers a good amount (random) of shots.
  • Fog of Dreams, a Malediction power that goes in the same line as Invisibility but taken down a notch as it only effects one enemy unit.
  • Laugh of Sorrows, another Witchfire power that forces the target to take Ld checks and receive damage depending on the results. It’s a pretty good power in combination with The Mask of Secrets.
  • Mirror of Minds, a Focused Witchfire that deals damage depending on a Ld based duel. Also a good power if you get the Focused part to kick in.


This concludes the first part of the review.