Codex: Harlequin’s – Review Part 2

Codex: Harlequin’s – Review Part 2

The second part of my review of the new Harlequin Codex. The first part can be found HERE.


The only Troop choice available for the army. It consists of a Troupe Master and between 4 and 11 “Players”.

They come with some Harlequin unique wargear such as the Holo-suit and Flip belt and a modest armament of a Shuriken pistol and a CCW.

Where they really shine is the available upgrades. The “Players” can replace their pistol for either a Neuro Disruptor or Fusion Pistol and their CCW for a Harlequin’s Embrace, Kiss or Caress.

The Troupe Master doesn’t have as many choices with the only weapon option is to replace the CCW for a Power Sword and get Haywire Grenades. They do however have access to the Enigma list which has some good option (see part 1 of this review).

The last option is for them to have one of the sparkly new Starweaver Transports.

Thoughts: The Troupe is a very solid Troop choice but it’s not going to be cheap. The basic load out isn’t that bad but I think you need to upgrade them for them to shine. I don’t think that the ranged upgrades are as mandatory as the CCW ones but I’m going to include some in my lists.

I’m still debating if the transport is a must have or if it’s viable to run them on foot. I think that most lists will have transports but with their wargear and with some help of a friendly Shadowseer they should be able to get into close combat. It’s something I’ll have to try out before coming to a conclusion.

Death Jester:

The first of the three Elite entries in the Codex and it comes as a single figure.

He also comes with the Holo-suit and Flip belt plus a Shrieker Cannon. The Cannon is an upgraded Shuriken Cannon (and has the option to fire as one) that, if a model is slain from it, makes them explode. They also have the option of Haywire grenades and Enigmas.

The biggest selling point for me is their “Death Is Not Enough” special rule which forces the targeted squad to take morale checks even if they didn’t suffered 25% casualities. To make ot even better, they will take that test with a negative modifier and you can influence in what direction they fall back towards if they fail the test.

Thoughts: I really like the Death Jesters in this book. I think they’re priced pretty fairly considering their special rule which is why I’m going to use them. I probably won’t use the Shrieker version that often but it should be good against hordes.


The second Elite choice, it also comes in singles.

They have the same basic rules and equipment with being a Psyker as the biggest difference. He starts at ML1 and can be upgraded to ML2. They are priced the same as the Death Jesters and just like them I think the Shadowseer is at a fair price.

They have access to Phantasmancy, Sanctic and Telepathy disciplines.

They come with 2 unique pieces of equipment, the Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher and a Miststave, more about them in the first part of the review. They can upgrade their pistol to a Neuro Disruptor, take Haywire Grenades and have access to the Enigma list.

Thoughts: I think that the seer will be a must have and with their own Psykic discipline looking really good they will be able to help your Troupes into the enemy lines. The only question is how many to take.



The for me most anticipated unit in the book. Back in the days of the Citadel Journal days he was a monster and I think they kept a good part of that in this book. He’s not as powerful but he feels balanced now when you look at the price of him.

He comes with the Holo-suit and Flip belt together with a Harlequin’s Caress and Kiss. Which is a very good armament for his role. There’s a special rule that grants him a better save and faster movement. They are unique so no more then one in your army.

The only options is Haywire grenades and access to the Enigma list.

Looking at the special rules, he’s got the same basic ones plus a couple of others and his own “Blitz” rule (it’s a good one). Depending on what turn you activate it (it’s a one time use), you roll a number of dice to see how far he can move and he can move over terrain and miniatures. In the following Assault phase his Attack characteristic is increased to 10.

Thought: He’s still a monster but not as invincible as he used to be so there’s definitely the need to consider what to throw him at but I will have one in every army list I make. He’s good, fairly priced and awesome in general.


Time for the only Fast Attack choice in the book, the jetbikes.

Instead of going with the normal Eldar/Dark Eldar jetbikes they definitely made them more unique. They made them bigger and added a second Harlequin to the mix which is represented in their stats and cost.

They also received some new weapons, the jetbike it self can change out the standard Shuriken Cannon with a Haywire Cannon and the rider comes with a one time use weapon called Star Bolas which can be upgraded to a Zephyrglaive (a melee weapon).

Thoughts: I’m not sure what to think about this unit. On one side they are pretty good and can offer some help against vehicles if you go with the Haywire Cannon. On the other side, they can be a decent melee unit if you get the glaive but I think they are to fragile for their point cost to use as a straight up melee unit so Haywire Cannons all around for me.

The thing I’m most annoyed about with them is that they changed the size as much as they did, I wanted to use my old metal Harlequin Jetbikes.



The Voidweaver come in a dual kit with the options for either the Voidweaver or the Starweaver. It’s a great looking kit and a good addition to the army.

You have the option of running the Voidweaver in a squadron with up to 3 of them. The price for them seems pretty good and it comes with a good load out for supporting the rest of the army.

It comes with a Haywire Cannon and two Shuriken Cannon, one facing forward and the other one facing backwards. At first I thought “why the hell would they put a cannon facing backwards for?” but they have a rule that allows them to fire that weapon on a different target which can come in handy.

They can replace the Haywire Cannon with a Prismatic Cannon.

I like this unit a lot, it’s a good support unit and offers some more ranged AT that’s needed. I’ll probably get three of them in the end.

Closing thoughts

I like this book, it feels quite balanced and have a good synergy between the units and their rules. Some parts feels almost to good like the Warlord Traits but it’s hard to tell how big of an impact it will have before trying them out.

I hope that this is a “new” direction on how things will be released by GW. With the rumors flying around for more of these mini-dexes I’m very positive for the future of the game.

This is something GW haven’t done since, well, probably since the Citadel Journal era.