News from Scale 75

News from Scale 75

I just finished looking through the Scale 75 newsletter for this month and there’s some cool stuff in it.

There’s a very nice looking 75mm Spanish Musketeer, another paint set in their Fantasy & Games range called Shades of Doom and they have the first bunch of releases of a new range of miniatures called Smog Riders. It’s basically a chibi version of a couple of their Steam Wars range plus a couple of new ones (that I hope will get a Steam Wars version as well).

They are 35mm and can be bought both as just the miniature or together with the paint you need to paint them and not just the basic paints, they come with either 18 or 24 bottles depending on which miniature you get.

I didn’t really expect them to release something like that but I do like the look of them and I’m quite tempted of picking up one or two of them.

SSR-002_PG-400x520 amelia_scale75_01_ppal-400x520




Smog Riders