Blood For the Something Something

Blood For the Something Something

I’ve never been a big fan of Khorne (besides the Chaos Orks from RT), neither the fluff or rules but I have to admit that I do like the looks of some of the leaked new units.

Some of them just looks wrong but a couple of the infantry models and 2 of the Bloodthirster variants looks quite good.



In this photo I think the miniatures in the first part looks much better then the second one and just as the Nurgle Putrid Blightkings, they will work great as Heralds. If I played more Khorne I would most likely get them to use as Heralds.


As for the Bloodthirster, I don’t get why they made this one at all. The pose looks plain stupid. But as I said, the other variants looks good, and huge. It pains me to admit but if they keep making them bigger, I might have to start upgrading the OOP greater daemons I use, the size difference is just getting to big

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that GW won’t stop after Khorne but that they will make some cool new units for Slaanesh and Tzeentch as well. Those I would (if they don’t screw them up completely) buy in a heartbeat.

  • Someone pointed out that the new blood thirster model does have some additional poses, including not having to be on that flame thing. Sometimes I think GW is their own worst enemy when it comes to photographing and painting their miniatures. My favorite part is when people get a hold of them, and “remedy” the situation :).

  • I completely agree, I think they’ve gotten worse the last couple of years, probably since they stopped showing well painted miniatures instead of what they show now. I think they should find a middle ground between normal and good quality.

    I know that looking at all the (for being back then) great painted miniatures definitely helped me and my painting