Slow Week

Slow Week

The last week or so has been very slow, haven’t made much progress on my painting instead I’ve been scanning more old family photo albums and while it’s fun to have them all saved away, it’s a really, really boring task. But I’m down to only one album left to do and then back to painting.

The only progress has been the last small parts of Narok, who is finished now but I can’t show the photos before I send in my entry to the MV Banana competition but they will be up as soon as I can.

I’m hoping to get started on Enchantment by Nocturna today and at least get some layers of her skin done tonight.

Yesterday I got a good bunch of new paint, mostly Scale 75. With that order I have the Skin, Wood & Leather and Steel set plus the Black & White I got a while back. I’m very interested to trying out their metallic paint which I’ve only heard good things about.

In the package I also got yet another HobbyZone Paint Rack so now I have room for most of my bottles but not with very much room to spare so I kinda need to get one more as I tend to get way more paint then I will ever use and if it continues at the same speed as it has been going the last three months then I should probably get two or three. Yes, I’m a paint hoarder.