Enchantment WIP – Part 1

Enchantment WIP – Part 1

I finally got around to splash some paint on her. I’m trying out the flesh paints from Scale 75 plus a couple of VMC ones.

This far I’m not completely happy with the skin, I’m finding it hard using the new paints but I think it will get better with some practice.

Enchantment WIP 1



I’m considering upgrading my camera setup with a new body and maybe another lens. I’m not going to jump over to another company so it’s a Nikon I’m looking for. Right now it’s down to three possible models, the new D5500, the  older D7100 or the not even up for sale yet D7200. The most likely to get chosen right now is the D7200 with the D5500 close behind.

The image quality should be very small, if any, between them so the biggest differences is that the D5500 has a nice touch screen that you can move and the D7200 has a better body, some better stats, better layout for buttons and dials plus as the gadget nerd I am, it comes with NFC. Not sure how it will work yet but it could have some uses.

I’ll most likely wait for a month or two to see some reviews on the D7200 and to see how much it will cost when it available.

  • I have a D5300 with a F1.8 35mm prime. It’s pretty nice, but I find as time goes on, I keep using my powershot S120 more and more then my nikon. The nikon is gigantic, and difficult to take with me when I go to tournaments (even with a prime lens), while the powershot excels at being mobile and taking fantastic mini photographs in rapid succession.

    I’ve been actually considering some of the point and shoot with the F1.4’s as my next camera…

    Btw excited for enchantment. She’s a beaut and excited to see your progress with her.

  • Yea the “point and
    shoot” cameras are very good now, specially now when the
    mirror-less compacts are gaining ground are they’re definitely better
    then my old D5000. I can understand why they are gaining ground as
    fast as they are, as you said, it so much easier to bring with you
    for most occasions.

    I’ve definitely considered getting one instead of another of their DXXXX series but while I don’t have that many lenses myself, but my dad has a pretty good selection and will happily lend me some if needed. The favorite one that I do have is also the 35mm.

  • The 35mm is definitely a nice lens. If I had the money I’d probably consider their 1.4 prime…but that baby is WAY more expensive then the F1.8!

    I made a mistake earlier, the new canons are F1.8, not 1.4. (The S110 I have right now is F2.0)

  • Yea the 1.4 is more expensive then I can justify spending on it but it would definitely be a very fun lens to have someday.