Scale 75 – Small Review

Scale 75 – Small Review

A while back now I got the Black and White set from Scale 75 and since then I’ve also added the Wood and Leather, Skin and Steel sets to my collection and I’ve been using them on my last project (Narok) and my current one (Enchantment).

For Narok I mostly used their B&W set with a couple Vallejo paints. And for Enchantment I’m using from the Flesh, B&W and Leather & Wood sets and a bunch of Vallejo paints.

I’ve been eager to get my hands on their paint to try them them out as I’ve only heard good things about them and I really like the idea of them being (more or less) completely matte.

I’ve been told that they decided to go with the extreme matte paint because it helps photography among other things, whether that’s true or not I don’t know but it sounds possible.

The biggest selling point for me is that due to medication my eyes have a hard time focusing completely on gloss or satin finishes from time to time.

All their sets it contains 8 bottles of paint (that I know at least) and offers a good selection. The set I’ve used the most is the Black and White and I found the colors included to be very good.

Here is my thought on them in a handy list

Good Things

  • Super matte finish.
  • Works great for glazing.
  • Dries a bit faster, which can be both a good and bad thing.
  • Dilutes very well.

Not so Good

  • Dries a bit faster, which can be both a good and bad thing.
  • Doesn’t have the biggest selection of colors. (they are adding more and more so they are getting there).
  • Slightly more expensive then VMC.

I would recommend their paints to anyone interested in painting “display” miniatures. They are a little bit more expensive but I’ll happily pay that for what you get.

However, I would not recommend them for using on gaming miniatures. The bond between the paint and miniature is not as strong as VMC (or others). They are expanding their Fantasy line of paint and I’ve heard they are much more durable and won’t rub off easily.


Price: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Usability: 4/5

Total: 13/15, in other words, a damn good product.


Scale 75