Bolt Action – Random Thoughts

Bolt Action – Random Thoughts

This last Friday I was down at the club watching a game of Bolt Action and hang out a bit. The game was an introduction game for one of the players. The game was pretty one sided as the guy who was introduced to the game couldn’t roll dice to save his life. Even with that it seemed as he liked the game and was looking at getting an army plus helping a friend of his to get started as well. I hope they start playing it, it would double the number of players here, we’re only two players so new blood would be great.

When I got home later that day I started digging through my closet of doom for my British army for Secrets of the Third Reich to see exactly what I have for them and check if they can be used in BA.

I didn’t have as many units as I thought I did but they should be usable with some minor changes. With that army I have three armies in various sizes, Soviet, British and Italy. The Soviet and British armies are more or less painted, the Brits only needs some touch ups and the Soviets have some small units left to paint .


Sadly I haven’t really started painting my Italian army yet and they have been sitting in box collecting dust for a while so I guess I should try to get around to actually slap some paint on them and use them in some games.

The more I play BA and/or read their rules, the more I like this game. The system is very simple and quite generic but also very streamlined and easy to learn and is without a doubt one of my favorite games at the moment. There’s definitely some flaws but nothing I can’t live with or house rule.

I think the hardest part of playing BA is that Warlord just keeps adding things I want and all the different armies I want to get. Right now I’m trying my best to convince myself that I don’t need a second Soviet army but the winter soldier box is hard to resist especially for making a Stalingrad list, which I’ve been interested in doing for some years now.

So we’ll see if I can resist it or not… and I need to get some transport options as well and when thinking about it, some more tanks wouldn’t hurt..

Beyond the Gates of Antares

I got interested in this game when they started working on it and followed the (failed) Kickstarter campaign they had going until they took it down.

They had some very interesting ideas for it and I was looking forward to trying it out. Since then Warlord has taken it on and has a beta version up on their website. There’s still a lot missing from the rules but it does give you a pretty good idea on what direction they are moving the game in.

A simple way to describe the game would be BA in space with stats. The rules aren’t just a copy of BA but you can definitely see the similarities in a lot of the rules which, in my eyes, is a good decision. As I said earlier in this post/rant, I like the rules for BA very much and the rules are very generic (in a good way) and should be usable in most settings more or less.

I haven’t tried the game yet but as soon as they have some point values for units I hoping to try it out.


Warlord Games 

  • Beyond the Gates of Antares freaked me out. How could a game written by Rick Priestly not get backing? It’s Rick-freaking-Priestley!
    That aside, the Bolt Action system is a strong set of rules and once they go to production, I will definitely give it a look. I just hope that the figures are as good as the system.

  • I know, I thought it would get funded really fast but I’m happy that Warlord is handling it. Everyone I’ve played with or watched playing it has liked the rules and I understand why, it’s great for quick and fun games.

    I’ve been reading the Antares rules as the add more to them and I’m definitely going to try it out at least.