Enchantment WIP – Part 2

Enchantment WIP – Part 2

After yet some more slow days fiddling around the apartment and watching an unhealthy amount of crappy movies I picked up my brushes again and got some work done on Enchantment. I decided to put her skin on hold and start painting the rest so I can get a better picture on what else I should do with the skin.

At first I wasn’t very happy with.. well, anything but she’s starting to come together now which is nice to see and starting to feel a bit more confident that I can finish her soon without giving up and tossing her in some Simple Green.


Gene Lab Alpha

A while back a bunch of us started playing the new version of an old Swedish RPG called Mutant: Year Zero and unfortunately it kinda died after a couple of sessions. Now they have released a new campaign for it called Gene Lab Alpha which introduces mutated humanoid animals to the post apocalyptic world it’s set in. It’s based on a convention scenario that was made for the first version of the game back in the 80s (I think) and with this release we decided to give it a go and play through the campaign.

The campaign is set in a valley that’s fenced in and guarded by robots so no one can get in or out (more or less an old zoo) and while it’s a nice place to live, the animals have started to feel like prisoners and some has started an uprising against the robots. The goal of the campaign is to flee from the valley and the oppression of the robots and with that introduce the mutated animals into the Mutant world.

We had the first session a couple of weeks ago which I couldn’t attend due to being sick but yesterday we had our second session. We are 4 regular players and yesterday we had a guy from another club join in.

We definitely had a lot of fun and as usually when we play a RPG nothing works out for us, which can be charming and very annoying.

Crystal Brush

CB was held this weekend and it’s always pure joy to look through all the photos people are posting from it. There’s always entries that’s just mind blowing and this year didn’t disappoint.

It would be fun to go there sometime but it’s way to far away, but one can always dream.

It’s a shame we don’t have more painting competitions here in Sweden. There’s a couple of conventions that have them but they’re quite small and besides that I hardly know of any. I am planning to go to Euro Militaire someday when I can convince someone to go with me.


Crystal Brush

Euro Militaire


  • I really like your color choices here, mainly because I’ve never seen her painted like this…so it is immediately more interesting to me! She looks almost punkish/apoc in this style.

  • Thank you. I never thought about that but now when you mention it, she does have a somewhat punkish style. I was pretty set on painting her like the box art but now when she’s coming together a bit I’m happy that I decided against it.