Kickstarters Everywhere

Kickstarters Everywhere

For the first time I’m very close to backing a KS project, or make that three projects.

The first one most of you have probably seen is the The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 by Raging Heroes which offers some killer deals and the concept art and renderings they have shown looks damn good.

There are a couple of the bigger miniatures that if they get unlocked will make me jump aboard. The only thing that’s keeping me away right now is the estimated delivery time which isn’t that long when you look at all the things they need to get done.

Just like their first KS project, this one is proving to be very popular. It got funded in 30sec and right now it’s around $460k.

The second one is The Edge by Awaken Realms which have some really cool miniatures that I could find use for.

The third one and the most urgent one to back (like 30 something hours left) is the WAMP brushes. Good quality by a good maker and at a good price.


The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2

The Edge 

WAMP Brushes