Finished Bananalicious Entry

Finished Bananalicious Entry

So yesterday I got fed up painting Enchantment, it felt like I didn’t really add anything to her when I was painting so I called her finished and send in my entry to the Bananalicious competition and got a reply this morning that it’s registered and I can show the new pieces in my entry.

Group Photo

Here is the three miniatures, Gokan, Narok and Enchantment.


Out of the three Enchantment is the one I’m the least happy with and I’ve felt a bit unfocused painting her and it feels like she’s missing that extra “oumph” (that’s a technical term). For some reason I had a hard time getting decent photos of her, not really sure why.

The one I had most fun painting was definitely Narok, love the miniature and hope they’ll make more with the same style in the future.


Narok Enchantment Gokan

Other Entries

I had planned to finish one or two more entries and I’m still going to try to get them finished but I’m not sure I’ll have the time for it. It would be fun to get my planned diorama finished as well.




  • Best of luck! Narok is my fav as well.