Organizing & Update

Organizing & Update

So while my computer isn’t in a cooperative mood I’ve been going through a lot of my old miniatures and organizing them and deciding if they are part of any project I will actually get around to or not. With that I’ve packed most of them down for storage as I doubt I will ever get around to them so now I need to decide if it’s something I should try to sell or not.

Among other things I have a mostly painted and never used Empire army made with historical miniatures. Most of them are from either Perry (mostly plastic) or Artizan Landsknechts (lovely miniatures). When thinking about it I have an old Beastmen army collecting dust in a box as well.

I also went through my collection of old Rogue Trader IG and they are now in a container of simple green to get stripped and then I’m going to sell the doubles I have and see if I can get get the last ones I’m missing. I might end up doing the same with my Harlequin’s later on.


Besides trying to organize my lead pile I decided that my desk was way to unorganized and was in for a spring cleaning so I’ve been organizing my old paint pots (mostly old GW) and transferring them to dropper bottles, I’ve only started with the metal paint but I’m planning to go over most of them as soon as I remember to order some more bottles.


I was down at the club with two friends the other day to do some Easter gaming. We didn’t play a lot but we tried out the latest expansion for Smash Up! and one game of Call of Cthulhu.

The Smash Up! expansion was probably my favorite one this far. I tried the “My Little Pony” deck together with one of the Lovecraft ones (don’t remember what they are called) and they worked well together and was very close to winning but a Cats + Pirates deck ended up winning the game.

My computer should be up and running by late tonight or tomorrow. I just have to wait while my backups are restoring.