Jessica Thunderhawk Short Review

Jessica Thunderhawk Short Review

Yesterday I picked up my latest purchase, Jessica Thunderhawk from Scale 75. I haven’t painted any miniature from them so I’m excited to try them out. All their miniatures (more or less) all look really good and this one doesn’t seem to disappoint.

She’s part of their Steam Wars line of miniatures and in my opinion, the best looking one in that line.


She comes in a nice box with a sleeve with their painted version and a glossy finish that really makes the photo pop.

The miniature consist of 10 parts plus a rock base. The miniature itself is in 7 pieces and her bird comes in the last 3 pieces.






The casting quality is in general very good. The only part I had some problems cleaning up was the bird wings and I think that comes down to how they are designed. I can at least imagine that it would be hard to cast them but it’s not a big problem as some cleaning up is always required.

There are some minor mold lines that was very easy to sand down and the only flash was on the bird wings.

I did some dry fitting of the parts and it seems like she was very well designed as all of them fits without any problems and I don’t think I need to do much putty work at all.

As I don’t have any other of their miniatures I can’t compare it with their other ones but when comparing it to other manufacturers the detail is better then many other companies and from reading up on her online the only complaint I’ve seen is from people who doesn’t like working with metal. In some ways I can understand them and I do think she would be a good candidate to be cast in resin I think this is a minor issue.

I think the biggest problem for my part will be to actually paint such a detailed miniature.

  • Always excited to see you start a new piece Nils!

  • David Fernández Barruz

    I will love to see your work with Jessica!

    I’m soo happy to read you about our work.
    Thank you very very much Nils

  • Thank you! She is a bit intimidating to start, so much details.

  • Thank you very much! It’s going to be a fun and hard one to complete.