On Sunday after spending to many hours painting and watching bad movies I realized that I had missed a mold line on Jessica so she has spent the night in a tub of Simple Green and now we start over again. Not very fun but what can you do, well besides not rushing through the cleaning and prepping phase that is.

Loot, Glorious Loot

After that was sorted I went hunting for something fun to paint and found a good deal on Scale75’s Abyssal Warlord which I’ve been interested in painting for a while and I added one of the Smog Riders to see how they are.

Besides that I got some of HobbyZone’s modules for their Modular Workshop System (2 drawer modules and one showcase module) and yet another Paint Hanger.

The only thing I want to get right now is if I can find some horror miniatures in a bigger scale. It seems like there aren’t that many miniatures made in that scale and genre. I’m not really looking for stereotypical horror like zombies, gothic vampires etc but more of an abstract/surreal (like Narok from Origen Arts) horror. So if anyone has any suggestions on that front, let me know.

WW2 Downsizing and Expansion

In other news, I decided to downsize my WW2 collection, this time my old Great Britain Secrets of the Third Reich army that has been collecting dust for some years. It’s a cool army, made to be a home guard type with quite a lot of miniatures from the fantastic Thrilling Tales range from Artizan Designs. I was set on selling the other half of the army but decided that they are better off being used then sitting in a box in my closet and I’m selling them to a friend which made it easier.

With that money I’ll be expanding my Italian army with some more vehicles. Probably a Semovente 75/18 and one Fiat L6/40. With those two I should be around 1500pts divided between two platoons. I wish that they had included rules for using allies so I could add some more minor nations to the collection.

I did expand it already by accident more or less. I came across a forum post (might have been an article, can’t remember) about how to find suitable miniatures for the Colonial units that the Italians have access to and they recommended using Perry’s American Civil War Zouaves, which I have a box of that was intended to be used in another project that I’ll never start so that added 3 or 4 full squads to the army.

  • Oh man…i hate finding mould lines. I usually find them after I’m done 🙁

  • Yea I’m the same and it really sucks when you’ve finished them up.