Unboxing: Malefika, Aradia Miniatures

Unboxing: Malefika, Aradia Miniatures

  • Company: Aradia Miniatures.
  • Scale: 70mm.
  • Material: Resin.
  • Availability: Limited edition, in total 500 copies, 250 now and the other half at a later date.


Aradia Miniatures is an Italian company, run by two brothers and uses a number of different freelance sculptors and other artists among other the very talented Allan Carrasco.

Malefika is one of their latest creations and went up for sale not far ago.



The package was simple but effective and no damage was suffered while in the hands of the postal office. The shipping time was quite fast, it took one week on the day to get to me in Sweden.

The miniature comes packed in a normal clam shell blister. Not as fun as Nocturna and other companies but not everyone is willing to pay a bit more for a fancy packaging (even if I’m one of them). It’s functional and did a great job protecting the miniature.


The only thing in the blister besides the miniature is a numbered and signed art card, which is always a nice touch.

She consists of 8 high quality resin parts that uses a darker gray resin. The parts are well designed and she shouldn’t need much filling as they fit together well.


There are some small mold lines and a tiny bit of flash, but they aren’t in any problematic areas so cleanup should be easy and fast.

I think this miniature is great on many levels. The quality is very high and it’s a look that really makes me interested. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s sure as hell mine.


Aradia Miniatures 

  • Wicked cool mini concept. Model looks fantastic to boot!