Unboxing: Smog Riders – Kitty Reimer

Unboxing: Smog Riders – Kitty Reimer

  • Company: Scale75
  • Scale: 28/30mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Not a limited release


Another unboxing with a miniature from Scale75. This one is quite different from the previous one I have.

The Smog Riders range is very new and only consists of 6 miniatures this far.

The idea behind this range is to give painters a good opportunity to “level up” their painting skills using these simple but well made miniatures.

With the miniatures you get a small painting guide and they are going to add more tutorials and other related topics on their dedicated Smog Riders website.

Most of the released Riders are chibi versions of their Steam Wars miniatures.


Unboxing-Kitty-Parts Unboxing-Kitty-box

The design of this miniature is very nice and offer a good amount of different areas to practice on.

The casting was good. There’s a little bit of flash but I haven’t seen any mold lines.

I like the idea behind this range of miniatures but I think they should have included a better painting guide. I’m looking forward to seeing more releases and I think they will do well.