Unboxing: Abyssal Warlord, Scale75

Unboxing: Abyssal Warlord, Scale75


  • Company: Scale75
  • Scale: 75mm
  • Material: Metal
  • Availability: Not a limited release

Scale75 has really made an impact for being a semi new company. They have a good selection of miniatures and of course their praised paint range.

This miniature is part of their Scale World Fantasy range.



Packaging was good. It comes in a small package with a box inside containing all the parts and some foam for protection.

He consists of 14 parts with some of them being optional parts like a second head and what weapon he’ll have. Some of the parts doesn’t fit all that well and there will be quite a lot of work to prep him for painting. The worst parts were the back of his torso that will need a lot of work.


Comparing the sculpt to the Jessica Thunderhawk, there is a difference in how well the pieces fit but nothing that some putty can’t fix.

There are some flash and some small mold lines but nothing big.

Even with the problems fitting some pieces it’s still a very nice miniature. They have really managed to capture a chaotic look without making it look over the top and at the same time put their own vision on him.

I haven’t decided on how to build and paint him but I’m leaning towards a Lovecraftian influence which I think will work. There’s a couple of faces on his armor that looks like Deep One’s so it should work well.