Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 1

Abyssal Warlord WIP – Part 1

While I’m figuring out what do next on Jessica I got started on the Abyssal Warlord. As I have mentioned before, metal isn’t one of my strengths so I’ve been reading a lot about painting TMM and I’m now trying to put it to use.

I’m not sure if I’m on the right track or not but I’m quite happy this far in but as always, feedback is appreciated (I even have photos of more then one side 😉 )

The one part that’s going to be the hardest is the shield design. I’ve never been good at drawing so I haven’t really tried to do any freehand ever.

I’m going to do some test drawings on paper to see if there’s any chance that I can pull it off. If I can’t I’ll see if I can find a friend who can.

At this stage I can definitely say that he’s a very fun miniature to paint.

Abyssal-wip-4-right Abyssal-wip-4-back Abyssal-wip-4-front Abyssal-wip-4-left

  • As it stands, the metal is looking extremely interesting, with nice color tones and edge chipping. I really like it, and remarked “wow this is awesome” before I even started reading the text.

    I think the main thing you will need to watch out for, is where the top highlights are. Right now, the cod piece/skull bit around the groin area is a really bright point, and the eye tends to go there (vs upper torso where the head/face would be).

  • Good points, I’ll make sure to change that. I also got the suggestions over at Wamp to add in some more colored glazes so those things will be on the table for tonight.

  • Will look forward to the update! Always quality work!